Bring online exams due to rising cases of COVID patients.

Bring online exams due to rising cases of COVID patients.

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J.C. Bose University (J.C. Bose University)

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Started by Vishal Chauhan

I am a student of Btech 5th semester from Aravali College of engineering and management. I write this petition on behalf of the majority of students who wants to attend the end semester examination in Online mode due to this drastically rising cases of coronavirus.

We beg to state that our end semester examination for odd semester is scheduled from 17th January 2022. The mode of the examination is offline as per the decision made by the YMCA. Therefore, considering the current situation of this pandemic ,w e humbly request you to conduct our exams in online mode. As the cases are rising day by day with Max number of cases 1.8 lakh per day (latest till now) we students does not feel safe to attend the exam offline in college campus and our parents are also not allowing us to attend the exams in offline mode as it is a very very big risk to our lives to go out from our houses in this current situation and most of us are also not vaccinated.
Many of us are outsiders also who are from various states of India and are currently at their hometowns their parents are not feeling safe for letting their child to travel interstate to give exam and the risk of being infected is very very high. In case if any mishap will happen then the University will not take its blame on itself and our parents will face the bad which will happen with the students.

We assure you that we will follow all the necessary guidelines and rules in the online examination.
Kindly, consider our request for the same. We strongly believe that the online mode of exams will ensure the safety of all the other students as well as teachers. We hope for a positive response from your side.

174 have signed. Let’s get to 200!