Release IL's most vulnerable, CARES Act Home Confinement Provision for the Incarcerated.

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For this I was born, and for this I came into the world":  to inaugurate a world of peace and fellowship, of justice and respect for other people's rights, of love for God and for one another, Gustavo Gutierrez.

In Illinois COVID-19 has spread extremely fast into the prisons. Currently there are 134 cases confirmed amidst the incarcerated and 86 staff members are confirmed infected.  This number can only be expected to grow at an exponential rate with the virus quickly spreading.  COVID-19 deaths in IL are growing, with 1 to include an IL prisoner from the Stateville facility.  The incarcerated do not have protective masks, gloves, nor the ability to adhere to the Governor's social distancing mandates.

FAMM President Kevin King states; “In order to prevent unnecessary deaths and suffering, the BOP needs to get as many people out of prison as it safely can and get them to home confinement immediately. Congress is giving the attorney general the authority to make that happen. We urge the attorney general to act the moment this bill is signed into law. Lives are at stake."

This petition is to bring awareness to an additional demographic within the Illinois Department of Corrections whose sentences should be remanded to home confinement.  There are men and women who have served over 85% of their sentence, remain in minimum security while in A Grade , and have familial support ready to assist with their transition out of this very dangerous confined situation. 

This demographic to be reviewed will save Illinois approximately $33,500 per prisoner annually, rid the prison of overcrowding and release a population trained and prepared for reentry.  Furthermore, studies have shown that individuals incarcerated longer than fifteen years represent a significantly lower percentage of recidivism.

Specifically stated, men like Luster Scott (K04773), classified A Grade (A model citizen within the Prison since February 19, 2005.), eligible for work release, with less than 17 months to the commencement of his sentence commented; "I would rather be remanded to my home where my recently deceased mother lived and I feel safe.  Hygiene resources are readily available and I can worry about full society reentry with the help of my family after COVID-19."

While in prison, Scott earned multiple certificates, became an Ordained Minister, including one from Moody Bible Institute in religious studies. He took 55 classes while incarcerated. He also assisted inmates with legal proceedings and has never stopped adjudicating for himself.

After serving almost 20 years; despite the case of ineffective counsel, witness testimony in his favor, racial bias, inconsistencies in presented evidence, and documented police brutality while in custody, he maintains his innocence for the case against him.  He has never lost hope nor stopped advocating for his freedom. Nevertheless, he is currently at the same impasse as too many across the U.S.; the fight for their life against an international pandemic.

Everyday we don't stand in solidarity with the most vulnerable, we risk more and more lives. Join us in signing this petition for the Illinois Government to solicit and utilize CARES Act funds for Home Confinement of Inmates like Luster Scott. 

Thomas Massaro teaches us, "There are certain things that all children of God deserve.  When vast inequalities prevent people from attaining what they need to preserve their lives and develop their potential, people of faith must speak out against these injustices."