Justice for Kevontae Steen

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My name is Robin Steen and I'm writing on behalf of my son Kevontae Steen. My son Kevontae Steen was charged at the age of 12 yirs old on May 31,2005 for Aggravated Criminal sexual abuse (case number #06JD0354).At the end of his prison sentence as a juvenile offender,the assistant Attorney General petitioned him as a sexually violent person pursuant to 725ilcs207/1etseq. (Case number #13CR8000201) to hold him indefinitely under the SVP Act. I have seen the great work of the Governor Pritzker on protecting the lives of the citizens of Illinois/especially the people who are incarcerated. Many weeks ago Governor Pritzker granted clemency to4,000 inmates and 3 of them were S.D.P(sexually Dangerous Person) Please note the only difference between SVP and SDP is SVP get petition at the end of their prison sentence. And we pray that you will look into this matter of my son Kevontae Steen who was 12 years old at the the time and he is now 27 years old and still incarcerated way past his time. . He never lived an adult life in society, he's been locked up as a child from 2007-present.I Pray for Mercy that they grant my son Kevontae Steen Clemency as No Child Should Not Have To Spend Their Life Inside No Institution.
Thank you Robin Steen
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