J​.​B. Pritzker: Support Small Landlords in Illinois

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Katrina Bilella
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Both tenants and small landlords are hurting right now. However, the unfortunate truth is some tenants are taking advantage of Pritzker’s Executive Order. 

The focus of this petition is to request policy makers to investigate and address a minority of tenants abusing loopholes and evading eviction. The current Executive Order, while understandably necessary to support those in need, is putting many small landlords at risk of losing their property or properties and offers no incentive for tenants to work with their landlords. 

Governor Pritzker’s current Executive Order states:   

“A person or entity may not commence a residential eviction action pursuant to or arising under 735 ILCS 5/9-101 et seq.unless a tenant poses a direct threat to the health and safety of other tenants, an immediate and severe risk to property, or a violation of any applicable building code, health ordinance, or similar regulation.” 

We believe landlords whose tenants refuse to work with their landlords in any capacity should be exempt from this Executive Order. Therefore, we would like to propose an amendment to this order and include tenants whom:

  • Have not made a good faith effort to make rental payments or who have not made a good faith effort to establish a repayment agreement.
  • Were not paying rent or had evictions filed against them before the Shelter in Place Order.
  • Were eligible for IHDA emergency funds, yet refused to sign up for IHDA emergency funds.*  

We would also like to propose that the requirement for tenants to sign up for IHDA emergency funds is lifted, and allow landlords to sign up directly themselves. 

*The Illinois Housing Development Authority set up a rental assistance program that allowed tenants who were financially impacted by Covid-19 and who are behind on rent to receive a $5,000 grant that would be sent directly to their landlord.  The $5,000 would then be applied towards their rent.