Eliminating Food Deserts

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Food deserts are a major problem within the city of Chicago. A food desert is an area where access to affordable healthy food is limited or non-existent because grocery stores are far away and the area consists of low-income families. 

Hundreds of thousands of Chicagoans live in food deserts. Unstable/insecure access to healthy food correlates to a high increased rate of diabetes. In Chicago, the death rate of diabetes of people living in a food desert is twice that of people living in areas to access grocery stores. 

Eliminating food deserts in Chicago would have many benefits for the community. Eating healthier foods, especially for young children, leads to productivity and overall mental well-being. This would allow children to grow and gain skills to help them overcome their current lower economic state. Also, this would help reduce death rates due to illness is caused by food instability or lack of nutritious foods. 

Overall eliminating food deserts through legislation would have great benefits to the Chicagoland community and future generations of these areas. Join me today and sign the petition to help eliminate food deserts!