Deny Murderer Andrew Sucher Leniency

Deny Murderer Andrew Sucher Leniency

April 2, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kim Tipsord

On September 29th 2017, while Pam Knight was exiting her car, Pam was brutally attacked by Andrew Sucher who pushed Pam backwards to the ground, cracking her head on the concrete driveway and then stomped on her head with his foot before he fled the area. 

Andrew Sucher was a repeat domestic violence offender and child abuser. He had a history of violence towards women and children. Sucher's history of violence prompted Pam to immediately and without reservation check on the safety and well being of the child he assaulted. Andrew Sucher was not supposed to be at the location Pam was visiting and Pam believed he was not currently there. 

Andrew Sucher had been alerted by a call from a Whiteside County sheriff's deputy that the DCFS was coming and Sucher was waiting to ambush and attack Pam before she had a chance to defend herself. Pam did not even have a chance to fully exit her car. 

After fighting for her life for 132 days Pam passed away on Feb 8, 2018, due to complications of blunt force head injuries due to the assault. 

After having all other charges dismissed including additional assault charges while in custody, Andrew Sucher received a minor 21 year prison sentence for murdering Pam. As if this unacceptable, embarrassingly weak plea deal wasn't enough of a slap in the face to Pam's husband Don, daughter Jennifer, grandchildren, family and friends, Pam's murderer Andrew Sucher has the audacity to petition for Clemency (leniency) on his sentence from Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker. Pam was a loving wife, mother and grandmother who was deeply loved by all who had the pleasure of knowing her. 

Please help the family and friends of Pam Knight and honor her memory by signing this petition. In addition, if you have time please also contact the Governor directly at


Reference: Andrew Sucher's criminal history from Carroll and Whiteside Counties. 

Carroll County:


-Domestic Battery

-Battery/Physical Contact


-Aggravated Battery on a Peace Officer

2017 (Charges from Pam's Attack)

-Aggravated battery 
-Aggravated battery on a government employee
-3 counts of Murder with Intent to Kill
-2 counts of Murder with the probability to kill/injure


-Aggravated Battery Public Place 

Whiteside County


-Aggravated Battery on a Child
-2 counts of Domestic Battery
-Interference to report domestic violence

-Order of Protection 


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Signatures: 8,130Next Goal: 10,000
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