Clemency for Dimitrous Thomas

Clemency for Dimitrous Thomas

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Dimitrous Thomas started this petition to Governor JB Pritzker and

My name is Dimitrous Thomas. I am currently an inmate in the Illinois Department of Corrections serving an excessive sentence of 50 years for Armed Robbery, Home Invasion and Kidnapping, charges I did not commit.

In addition to the lack of effort from my legal counsel, DNA evidence has proven to not belong to me. In fact, the perpetrators responsible have been able to raise their children and go about their lives, while an innocent man takes the fall. The principal offenders have either been released (after serving a much lighter sentence) or have yet to be charged for their participation. I have never had any violent criminal past, and it is simply an injustice how these true criminals have been able to go on with their lives and be amongst their loved ones, while I've continued to fight to prove my innocence these past 17 years.

There are many factors in my case that will clear my name if just the right individuals would be willing to take a look. 

  1. Fingerprints recovered did not match me
  2. No one was murdered, raped, assaulted, or physically injured
  3. Cigarette at the scene of the crime provided DNA 
  4. Cell-phone records etc.
  5. Several signed affidavits stating where I was during the time of the crime

Throughout the time I’ve spent incarcerated, I have made huge strides to reinvent myself. I went in as a young man who hadn’t graduated from high school but upon my release, I will exit this institution as a full grown adult with greater appreciation of those who mean the most to me - my mother and children.

I entered the prison system as an individual who was relatively healthy at the age of 24, but I am hoping to leave with a good amount of health remaining, as I've acquired a few ailments since being incarcerated. In addition to the gastrointestinal disorder I have, my fear is that the Coronavirus will gravely affect a lung injury I suffered prior to being incarcerated that caused breathing complications.

As an adult who knows how invaluable empathy and compassion is, I have not allowed my current circumstances to deter me from being an integral part of my four children’s lives. I haven’t become derelict in my duties as a father, and like wine, instead of sitting around idly, I have used each day of this incarceration as a steppingstone in my maturation process. If released, I plan to make a difference in society (if given the chance) by inserting myself in programs such as domestic and gun violence prevention centers and/or organizations to work alongside of.

I have completed may programs in an effort to rehabilitate myself. But there is no program available that will give back the amount of time I've spent away from my children. They are growing up and will be young adults soon. I would like to have an opportunity to make a positive impression in their lives - at least once.

I am presently working on an Executive Clemency Petition in which I have petitioned Governor Pritzker for a commutation of sentence. I have requested that the governor reduce this prison sentence to time served. Commutation of sentence will allow me to return home to my family in the near future. Thus, in signing this petition, you support me in my quest to regain my long awaited freedom on the earliest date possible.

With the greatest appreciation - I thank you.

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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!