Ban No-Knock Warrants in Chicago in honor of Breonna Taylor

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Breonna Taylor was a beautiful woman who's life was gone too soon because of police brutality. These police officers used a no-knock entry and because of that, shot this innocent woman multiple times. This is only one person of the many that have died or been injured from no-knock warrants. Now, the city where Breonna Taylor has lived and died, in Louisville, Kentucky,  have made many reforms and banned the use of no-knocks. However, this is only one of the cities in one of the states in this whole country. We, as a people, need to realize the danger of no-knock warrants and we need to stop these warrants. In Illinois, police officers are still allowed to barge into people's home without announcing themselves. That is wrong. These officers are still allowed to scare and potentially murder and wound innocents people, just as they did with Breonna Taylor. Many officers take advantage of this warrant and bulldoze into innocent people's home. I want to petition to ban the use of no-knock entries in the state of Illinois in honor of Breonna Taylor and her injustice. I want to make a change because of what she suffered. Her injustice and murder will not be hidden. She matters, along with everyone who has dealt with the unlawful use of no-knock warrants.