Approve financial relief for entertainers in Illinois

Approve financial relief for entertainers in Illinois

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Entertainers In Illinois
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The global health and financial crisis that continues to be caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus has exerted great financial strain and will continue to threaten the livelihood of the already financially disadvantaged community of private entertainment performers and contractors including artists, musicians, DJs, actors, and other entertainment acts throughout the City of Chicago and across the State of Illinois. Mandated closures of restaurants, nightclubs, theaters, and other entertainment venues have threatened not only the owners and employees of those venues, but also those of the independent entertainers that rely on those venues to regularly contract with them to provide entertainment services.

We call upon our local, state, and federal leadership to expedite the urgently needed financial aid to assist our entertainment industry which has been overlooked in the most recent proposals to curtail the ongoing financial hardship incurred in this time of crisis. We respectfully request the following measures be implemented immediately to benefit distressed private entertainment contractors:

1. Unemployment security and benefits equal to those being afforded to workers in the service industry.

2. Temporarily suspend the financial obligations of all people transacting in real estate matters - whether that be residential tenants, commercial tenants, property owners, and government parties.

3. Permit the loss of income incurred by this crisis to be claimed as tax deductions.

4. Protection against retaliation, default, eviction, seizure, arrest, or deportation of any kind due to the inability to pay debts, rents, mortgages, taxes, and other similar financial burdens.

We work side-by-side with the service workers every day, many of them are friends, family, and colleagues, and we are thankful that you have anticipated their needs and the struggle that lies ahead as they do their best to survive this crisis. However, we are gravely concerned that entertainers will continue to go overlooked, and we plead with you to recognize us, respect us, and assist us in our time of need, equal to that for which you are doing for our friends and colleagues in the service industry.

We understand that these venues were mandated to shut down for public safety. As a community, we agree with this and appreciate the City, State and Federal government’s action in minimizing the risk for everyone. For many of us, the earnings received by being hired at restaurants, nightclubs, theaters, and private venues account for our only income. Without this desperately needed financial aid and debt relief, we will be abandoned with little or no financial lifeline to pay our rent, mortgages, health insurance premiums, business loans and leases, or even afford the services and goods necessary to maintain a basic standard of living. We need your help now.