A 'Life-Line" for the Prison's Elderly in Illinois

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   I have a family member that has been incarcerated for over 25 years now!  Charles Jackson, IDOC#-N61519, was 29 years old when he was convicted & sentenced. He robbed convenience stores at gunpoint for the contents of the cash register to support his drug addiction. This landed him 75-years behind bars for armed robbery and attempted murder and he didn't seriously injure anyone. I understand that these charges aren't to be taken lightly nor go unpunished. Charles was a product of an impoverished environment that had sub come to physical abuse, drug addictions, and gang-banging. Now he has grown up but is still caged up. He has been broken by the system and desires nothing more than a second chance in life. I speak with Charles weekly. He no longer reverts to his past, rather he looks to what is left of his future.  Charles longs to be afforded another chance to become productive in society and his grandchildren's life since he was absent from his children's.  It is time for the State of Illinois to pass legislation that would automatically review a prisoner's sentence who has served over 25 years and is forgotten. Under the State of Illinois "old law" after serving 20 years, a prisoner went before the parole board for review and possible release. Currently, Illinois sentencing is 50% with no regard for the number of years that must be served. In a world where money opens doors, in poverty we find these same doors shut!  I am on a crusade to help Charles get his life back. Charles went in as a young menace to society but in the process has matured and acquired wisdom. Like many elderly, Charles lives with health conditions, hypertension diabetes, difficulty with both vision and hearing. He has two stints in his aorta from a heart attack while in prison.  It's time to extend an olive branch to those aging in our prison system by giving them another chance...a life-line.