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Use hemp for lego blocks

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With lego announcing their move away from oil as a source to make their product a far better alternative is available right now. Hemp! Eco-friendly hemp can replace most toxic petrochemical products. Research is being done to use hemp in manufacturing biodegradable plastic products: plant-based cellophane, recycled plastic mixed with hemp for injection-molded products, and resins made from the oil, to name a very few examples. Over two million cars on the road today have hemp composite parts for door panels, dashboards, luggage racks, etc. The methods of plastic injection moulding would be easily transferable using hemp instead of plastic. Hemp can be grown organically. Only eight, out of about one hundred known pests, cause problems, and hemp is most often grown without herbicides, fungicides or pesticides. Hemp is also a natural weed suppressor due to fast growth of the canopy. It is also amazingly good at reducing CO2. With a huge company like Lego using hemp as a resource, this eco industry would get a massive boost and force a honest and grown up discussion about the application of hemp as a precious resource and not just a novelty sideshow.

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