Izzy Stradlin: Play your (solo) music live for us

Izzy Stradlin: Play your (solo) music live for us

27 July 2018
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Izzy Stradlin (Musician)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Carlene Bender

Dear Izzy,

We miss you on stage. Please consider playing one concert, just one show, just you and your music, all on your terms of course.

If you're happy to do more, or to tour, even better. But for now, all we're asking for is just one (solo) show. We’re happy with whatever you’re happy with: your venue, your backing band, no backing band, new songs, old songs, covers, anything, everything. Online or in person; live or pre-recorded; acoustic or plugged; we just want to see and hear you performing.

By signing this petition, we promise to support the show(s) in any way we can - by attending, or at least making every effort to attend, by spreading the word about the event, and by purchasing any merchandise available. We promise to continue to believe in your music, and to always be your loyal and appreciative fans.

Respectfully yours,
- Carlene Bender, on behalf of thousands of Izzy Stradlin fans 

[Edited 30 July 2018 to try to make it clear that it’s just Izzy we want; we’re not asking for any specific band reunion, sorry if that was confusing earlier...]
[Edited June 2019 to add link to new Facebook group below]

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Signatures: 2,381Next Goal: 2,500
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