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Testimonies to defend Manouso

Dear Friend in Yoga,

We are preparing a defense in support of Manouso; we are now gathering testimonies worldwide for our investigation and will prepare a complete file to be presented to the Iyengar family.  

So far, Manouso has been sentenced without a trial, without the basic opportunity to be heard and to defend himself.  We believe the Iyengar family should be presented with a “counter-investigation” and should be asked to reconsider their position regarding Manouso's “de-certification” and ability to use the Iyengar name. 

You can help by sending your testimony to the email address specially created by us to gather information:   In order to help us prepare this investigation, please email your testimonies by June 30.  The testimonies that you will email us will remain confidential; they will not be shared by us with anyone online.The final report will be printed and presented to the Iyengar family in person by a delegation going to Pune.

Please state in your testimonies:
-Your name, country 
-If you are a certified teacher, please state your level of certification
-When did you start practicing Iyengar Yoga?
-Your firsthand experience of Manouso’s teachings, of his character, etc.
-Your impressions of IYNAUS actions, such as the revision of the ethical committee position, the independent investigation, the report of the investigation which was shared with the public
-Anything you wish to share supporting our appeal in favor of Manouso.

Thank you for your support,
Polina Marynich - Sophie Boller - Lori McIntosh

Polina Marynich
1 year ago