IWK On Site Child Care For Employees

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Many shift workers with young children leave the house before their children are awake, and by the time they arrive home at night, their children are asleep. This means they go more than 48 hours at least without interacting with their children. A new mother returning to work and wanting to breastfeed past 1 year of age, as recommended by the World Health Organization, find that there is not enough free time during their 12 hour shift to pump breastmilk, leading to a decreased milk supply which leads to unsustainable continuation of breastfeeding. The majority of daycare centres and day homes do not offer part time care for infants (which is the ideal schedule for shift workers), and many operate on set schedule hours that cater to a 9-5 job. Studies have been done which show that organizations that offer on site child care see positive impacts on their work force such as decreased sick time, decreased burn out, prolonged breastfeeding, easier transition with day care integration, and increased staff satisfaction, which leads to positive impacts at an organizational level such as increased staff return and retention following maternity leaves, decreased sick time payouts, financial gain from services paid by staff, and improved worker productivity. Please take a second to sign and share this petition to help us try and make this a reality in our health care centre.