Royal commission into the Family Law Courts of Australia

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The Family Court System is broken and in need of a complete overhaul; the current process is lengthy, costly, aggressive, painful and doesn't focus on 'what's in the best interests of the children" but rather become's a slandering contest between lawyers and or their clients. 

The current system is used to one's advantage and the children often are the innocent pawns. 

Greed is evident by clients and lawyers (some charging over $700/h), referrals for valuations of property and belongings are one-sided and inaccurate and reek of misconduct, false allegations are rife including physical abuse, allegations that in most cases are simply strategies to make one party look as though they aren't fit to parent. 

Father's are killing themselves and or their children because they have been pushed to the limit. Mother's using the system for their financial gain. 

It's time for a complete over haul to ensure a fair outcome for ALL parties especially the children dragged into the mess!