Let's make "KOSHER AIRLINE" food great again

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Let's make kosher airline food great again.

No definition needed , every jew who ever travelled with an airline , has struggled with kosher food , enough is enough ! We need change ! Let's make kosher airline food great again !

We are signing here a special petition to all kosher airline food vendors and airlines that are serving kosher food to please take this manner for a serious consideration and make a change happen very soon !

And please to all participants thanks for signing and share this link to where ever possible to get as much signatures possible and change will happen soon enough !

Let's get great kosher airline food !

Especially the company below

Borenstein Caterers Inc.


Please email them orders@bcelal.com and voice your opinion that we need change , also submit feedback to your airline after flying rating the food not edible

Consumers are spending  earned money to have an enjoyable journey, they are running around all day prior to traveling completing their errands. In most cases they havent gotten a chance to sit down and relax over a proper meal. When they finally find themselves on the airplane winding down their stress, they deserve to be served with a meal they can enjoy, not with something they would just force it in themselves to break their hunger and feel recharged. Consumers don't deserve a meal they wouldn't touch at home. It is embarrassing to see the advantage taken from the kosher consumer by their vendors. The neccessary Improvement regarding the airline meals are long past due. Thank you