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A Happy & Learning Place for IVAO IN Division WhatsApp Group

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International Virtual Aviation Organisation abbreviated as IVAO was founded in 1998 to provide an online platform for flight simulation enthusiasts to enjoy their hobby in a simulated environment which includes Close imitation of Real World Operations, which is, communication with People for the Purpose of Air Traffic Co-ordination.

In the company of other people, flying or providing Air Traffic Control services, IVAO extends a great platform for an Individual to gain knowledge for "free of cost"

IVAO is one of the most renowned Non-profit Organization which imparts Knowledge to Young and Aspiring Aviators.

With more than a 200,000 members, Every Country has its own Divison, thus making India one.

The Division staff were kind enough to provide an extensive communication Group on the WhatsApp Platform with Rules and General Guidelines, which has over 220 members (and growing enormously.)

Im happy to say that I've been Benifitted out of the Group, by observing the conversations, which included Explanations by Trained Individuals.

But in current times, sadly the group had been caged by very Un-professional rules such as,

Only 3 images per day, And No Discussion of Topics which are not related to IVAO. (This moderation is not needed, as the Platform [WhatsApp] had enough advancements to tackle problems related to Internet Surge)

Discussion of Any topic which isn't Related to IVAO (Which sadly, doesn't make sense)


Members are being kicked off without a warning for Non-adherance, which I find very Un-professional and Disrespectful.

This being very sad because the people in Aviation World learn every day and if the Administrators / Moderators shall stop us from gaining knowledge, its ultimately a loss of us.

I understand the intention of the Admistrators / Moderators to keep the Chats Clean , but limiting topics which are Not-Related to IVAO..., Frankly speaking with the Right sense of Mind,

Aviation is a field, where one has to impart oneself with knowledge on a Daily basis, which may be only accomplished by interacting with Fellow Members, irrespective of the IVAO Platform.

I believe Communication is an important means through which we are formed as a community.

The staff, who are supposed to be Role Models for us Aspiring Aviators...., but sadly, nothing in a the Good books, I was forced to a situation where I had Encountered Partiality and Racial Discrimination.

This is very In-humane, and needs to be treated with extreme importance.


Some good people like Leonard Selvaraja and Triveni Singh Grewal, who are valid SPL holders (who started their Roots from IVAO ) were removed from the group for Very Un-professional reasons.

All cannot accomplish the dream of becoming a pilot due to various reasons.

But the knowledge and experience which the above mentioned people shared and imparted within us, has enlightened us and helped us be better equipped. But sadly, I am not able to expect any of such quality talks in this group again.

We are not fighting against the staff or forming a Rebellion,

We just want this Platform to be something which opens doors to each and every member who gets added with an expectancy and a fire to learn new things.

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