Ivanhoe Netball Club’s desperate plea for a home!

Ivanhoe Netball Club’s desperate plea for a home!

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Ivanhoe Netball Club started this petition to Gabrielle Williams (Parliament of Victoria) and

Ivanhoe Netball Club (INC) comprises of junior and senior players, and currently represents more than 1/3 of the entire Local Government Areas’s (LGA) netball population.

INC formed in late 2009 by local parents to fill a gap in the local junior netball scene.
Since then, we have grown to be the largest club in the BDNA competition, with teams in every grade from 9U to 17U, on both Saturday daytime and Tuesday night competitions. We also have 7 Senior teams who play in various competitions throughout the week including Boroondara, Doncaster and NFNL.

Despite not having a home, we have achieved great results and built a strong club with a supportive and positive culture, with over 200 families involved.
Recently, an intoxicated person gained entry into a training venue we hire and made his way onto the court, terrifying our girls. Our coach managed to talk him away, which was quite confronting for her. We now have a number of traumatised girls, too scared to train in this venue.

It is therefore time our request for a dedicated facility for our club be recognised and prioritised as a matter of urgency.

Current situation

  • Netball is the highest team participation sport for females in Banyule
  • There were 473 participants and 237 unique primary members in 2018
  • More than 50% of the participants in Banyule play outside of the LGA
  • Ivanhoe Netball Club is a significant and historical club that has no home
  • The members are forced to train at stadiums and venues that are non-compliant
  • INC is unable to grow as we cannot secure safe training venues for our members
  • There is no opportunity to cater for social and non-traditional netball participation such as Rock Up Netball, Walking Netball, Men’s and Mixed Netball
  • INC are unable to expand to accommodate our 30 player waiting list due to poor training facilities available
  • There is no central home venue to bring the club together.

Proposed Opportunity East Ivanhoe Bowling Club.
There is currently investigation into two Bowling Clubs merging in East Ivanhoe. This opens up the possibility of another sport using the site and integrating into the existing precinct. This is a major sports precinct which is beginning to experience the benefits of inclusive female participant sport and has a natural alignment to opportunities for netball.

A merge between East Ivanhoe Bowling and Ivanhoe Bowling Clubs, creates a rare opportunity for sports reconfiguration at this key sporting precinct. The precinct stakeholders have been working together on a vision for the future of the site. Ivanhoe Netball Club could be a part of the social fabric in this area, alongside football, tennis, bowls, cricket, skateboarding, basketball and Croquet which includes both junior and senior age groups.


  • A central sporting hub would increase community participation in a wider variety sports for both males and females
  • Youth disengagement is an ongoing challenge in the digital age. The hub becoming home to more than one Club, would actively foster re-connection through social and cultural opportunities. This will include youth leadership by way of training and mentoring programs aimed at empowering young people to inspire their peers, making full use of their capacities via use of additional training facilities.
  • Cater for all children regardless of gender or cultural background at the sporting precinct.
  • The upgrade to the facilities with the development of additional courts, though primarily used by the Ivanhoe Netball Club could potentially be available for secondary use by community groups, school groups and other sporting clubs.
  • Support families with children in various sports creating a real community hub
  • The new sporting infrastructure will address the lack of training facilities in the Ivanhoe area.
  • An effective site design which incorporates supporting amenities and future development potential.
  • The project strongly aligns with Netball Victoria’s strategic plan, to create additional provision and flexible programming in the region.
  • Opportunity to expand their netball opportunities to include disability teams, mixed teams junior and senior and NetSetGo.

INC’s aim is for children to develop a true passion for the game, and keep as many players on the court, loving netball, for as long as possible. As the club continues to grow this aim will not be attainable nor possible unless INC is able to secure a clubhouse facility with dedicated training space within the Electorate of Ivanhoe.

With Sporting Hubs being at the forefront of Community Development in current times, we believe the incorporation of Ivanhoe Netball Club into the Ivanhoe Park Sporting Precinct, is not only a natural progression for the development of this facility, but most importantly the best solution for ensuring the safety and continual development of our players and coaches.

We have been working with our state sporting body; Netball Victoria, to ensure we are aligning to strategic planning for netball in our region.

Our proposal is supported by Anthony Carbines MP (State Member for Ivanhoe) and Senator The Hon Richard Colbeck (Federal Minister For Youth & Sport and Minister for Aged Care and Senior Australians).

Together we seek further support and partnership of Local and State Government to make this project a reality.

We, Ivanhoe Netball Club, call on the following to take urgent action. We need your help to get us a new training ground and facility to keep our members safe and address the most immediate challenge of finding a safe environment to train in.

  • Gabrielle Williams (Minister for Women, Youth & Sport)
  • Premier Daniel Andrews
  • Ms Kate Thwaites, Member for Jagajaga
  • Mr Simon McMillan (CEO, Banyule City Council)
  • Cr Wayne Phillips (Mayor, Banyule City Council)
  • Cr Alison Champion (Deputy Mayor, Banyule City Council)
  • Cr Mark Di Pasquale (Councillor, Banyule City Council)
  • Cr Peter Castaldo (Councillor, Banyule City Council)

Your assistance in expediting this matter is greatly appreciated.

Please sign and share our petition in the hope that together, we can succeed in securing a home for our wonderful Club.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!