We demand demilitarization of Cali and all the cities in Colombia #DuqueStopTheMassacre

We demand demilitarization of Cali and all the cities in Colombia #DuqueStopTheMassacre

5 de mayo de 2021
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It has been 5 days of intense social mobilizations in which millions of people have taken to the streets to protest and express their discontent at the deteriorating living conditions to which the social neglect of the pandemic has led. Despite the fact that the voice of the citizenry was finally heard by the National Government that decided to withdraw the tax reform, the same Government has tried to drown the citizen's cry at the point of repression, violence and police brutality.

As human rights organizations, so far we have registered multiple irregularities and violations that the public force is perpetrating on the streets of cities and municipalities, not only in urban centers, but also in remote neighborhoods and residential areas where peaceful protests were taking place. So far we have recorded:

  • 112 people injured by the disproportionate actions of the National Police and in particular by ESMAD. 13 suffered eye injuries. 27 human rights defenders were attacked during the demonstrations.
  • 5 people were victims of sexual violence or gender-based violence carried out by the same institution.
  • 379 people have been detained, most of them through arbitrary procedures, being subjected to torture and / or cruel and inhuman treatment.
  • 8 raids that were declared illegal, including associated arrests.
  • 307 complaints for abuses of power, authority, assaults and police violence

This violent action by the State through the public force, flagrantly denies the elementary guarantees of a Rule of Law for the exercise of mobilization, protest and citizen participation in matters that affect them. In addition, the announcement of the militarization of cities adds a new violation of the constitutional and legal order, and generates new risks for the already deteriorated climate of collective violations of the right to life, liberty, integrity and other fundamental rights, which are suffering Colombians.

The stigmatization from the government to the protest as mere vandalism, has led the security forces to act with the induced perception that the population they claim are internal enemies. For this reason, it is a danger to take the military out to the streets to face the demands of citizens, since their training and mission are aimed at confronting situations related to armed conflicts, through the use of weapons, and not to process mobilizations for the claim of rights.

Platforms of human rights organizations, victims and the fight for peace, we see with great concern the presence of the military in the streets and how this can systematically increase violence against citizens. Therefore, we demand that the government of Iván Duque reverse the decision to militarize the response to social protests, and, on the contrary, open up to an attitude of listening to the demands of social mobilization.

Also, we ask mayors and governors to join the voices of rejection of the national government's claim to confront social protest with the reinforcement of military and repressive actions of all kinds.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition to help us say #DuqueStopTheMassacre.

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Firmas: 27,954Próximo objetivo: 35,000
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