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SAY NO to Subdivision of Asian Students only 停止亚裔细分

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IUSD's new student registration process mandates the disclosure of Asian students' country of origin.  This causes confusion and concerns, and spreads the misconception that such sub-division of Asian students is required by law.  Federal law requires disclosure of students' race only up to 'Asian' level.  IUSD also changed existing students' racial categorization into country of origin that goes beyond Asian without parents' awareness or consent.  To single out sub-groups is of no help to racial integrations, to the contrary, it may bring racial divisions and tensions. Furthermore, to only divide Asian Students is totally unfair and possibly unlawful. It can be interpreted as discriminating towards Asian Students.

 IUSD新生注册要求亚裔学生报告祖辈国家。这种要求让家长困惑和担心, 并且让人误以为亚裔细分是联邦政府的要求。 而联邦政府只要求收集族裔信息到“亚裔”。 IUSD还事先未经家长同意, 把已经登记的学生的种族改成祖辈国家。亚裔细分对种族融合无益, 也不利于亚裔彼此的关系,在无形之中分化了亚裔。 仅仅只细分亚裔学生是极不正常的, 细分族裔本身就是一种歧视行为。

We demand IUSD to revamp the process immediately.


1. Follow Federal requirement for collecting student race information using the two-step process. For Asian students, stop at the 'Asian' level.  No Asian-sub-groups in the form.

1. 遵循联邦法律要求,用两步法收集,对于亚裔学生, 不再细分,种族信息停止在“亚裔”。

2. For students whose race information has been wrongfully collected or modified (in many cases, incorrectly) without parents' consent, IUSD must immediately make corrections and receive approval of parents.

2. 对于未经家长同意,被错误的收集或者更改过种族的学生, IUSD应该立刻更正,并取得家长批准。

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