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Petitioning Dean of IUPUI Honors College Dr. Jane Luzar

Create a "Second Chance" Program for Nontraditional Honors Students

When I graduated with honors from my community college and transferred to a 4-year university, I was so excited to join a new honors program. Unfortunately, the Honors College at IUPUI only admits incoming freshmen.

During my first semester of college I faced a major academic setback, but I overcame this obstacle in order to gain admittance to Phi Theta Kappa (The official honors society of 2-year colleges) and graduate from the Honors Program. Because of this I firmly believe that all students deserve a "second chance" to be honors students. The opportunities afforded to honors students should not be restricted to those who were star students in high school, this only serves to alienate a large portion of outstanding students and cripple the potential of the Honors College. In order to grow as a whole, it is essential to create a program that caters to these nontraditional honors students who did not qualify for entry to the Honors College as freshmen but have since shown a dedication to academic excellence.

Letter to
Dean of IUPUI Honors College Dr. Jane Luzar
We can all agree that Honors scholars are anything but ordinary. When life gets in the way of our goals, we find a way around it. When we don't get it right the first time, we keep trying until we succeed. Restricting admission to the Honors College to incoming freshmen doesn't fit the spirit of what it means to be an Honors Student. It ignores the potential of transfer students and those who did not qualify for admission as freshmen but have demonstrated a dedication to academic excellence during the course of their studies. Ignoring these honors students only serves to cripple the true potential of the Honors College as a whole.

This is why I am writing to urge you to create the "Second Chance Scholars" program to allow outstanding students admission to the Honors College for their Junior and Senior years. Because every student deserves a second chance to be an Honors student.

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