Repeat I Wanna Marry Harry in celebration of the royal wedding

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Do you, after a long day toiling at work come home and escape to a treasure trove of trash TV?

ME TOO! And what better so-bad-it's-good reality TV show was there than I Wanna Marry Harry?!

Haven't heard of it? My friends, you are in for a treat. 

Essentially, it's The Bachelor but instead of any old boring American man, these fine ladies are here to steal the heart of none other than Prince Harry! Except - here comes the shocking plot twist - it's not Prince Harry, it's a ginger English man who if you'd been day drinking in your local Wetherspoons for a good few hours, you'd totally approach and mumble "oh my God, did anyone ever tell you that you look like Prince Harry?"

This was a show so earth-shattering, The Telegraph called it "fodder for the braindead".

What better way to celebrate the royal wedding than to resurface this cult classic which for all we know, may have even inspired Meghan Markle to steal Prince Harry's heart in real life?!

Matthew Hicks - the lookalike who dyed his naturally blonde hair ginger to portray our prince - even said "good on him" when Entertainment Weekly asked him how he felt about the real Harry's engagement. 

Please, can ITV give the people what the want and bring back I Wanna Marry Harry for our patriotic viewing pleasures?!