ITV to show The Krypton Factor (1977-1995) again

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The Krypton Factor was a British game show produced by Granada Television and broadcast by ITV from 7 September 1977 to 20 November 1995.

Each show featured four contestants all vying to make it to the Grand Final and become United Kingdom Superperson. They would each tackle challenges, both mental (e.g. intelligence puzzle) and physical (e.g. the assault course), in the hopes of gaining a high score.

It was billed as the toughest quiz show on TV, and is sorely missed, not just by me, but to the fan base it has accumulated throughout the years.

It was last repeated on the now defunct channel Ftn (series 1987-1992), and Challenge TV (series 1993-1995).

So, if anyone from ITV is reading this, The Krypton Factor fan base would like to see the show repeated again, but this time, we would like to see more of it (in particular 1977-1986 series which haven't been seen since their broadcast dates, as well as the 1987-1995 series). We implore you to at least consider this.