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Petitioning ITV Global Distrubution

Release Spitting Image Uncut on DVD and iTunes


Spitting Image lasted for 12 years on the air in the UK, from 1984 - 1996. It was the most original satirical tv show ever broadcasted. It featured puppets of Britian Political Figures, and Hollywood Celebrities in a comedic slapstick and satirically savage light very simular to South Park. It had the ratings of 15 million. The show ended due to slightly low ratings and the budget being too expensive. Even to this day ITV refuses to bring the show back do to the show's cost being too expensive even though it's French copy Les Guignols De L'info has succeded from 1988 - this present day and continuing strong as well as their DVDs being released. In the late 2009s, Spitting Image finally came to DVD (Network DVD) with the first series UNCUT and UNCENSORED copied from it's original master tapes even though NO Special Features and stock photos were used to make the covers as well as a very bland DVD menu. Series 2-8 came to DVD, and certain sketches were edited out due to unknown and probably unnessary reasons even though it was made decades ago. And just a few years ago, the DVDs have stopped at the first half of the 1990 series. People started questioning and even contacting the companies and nothing was done. Still to this day, the show's episodes featuring the last episodes of Thatcher in office and the Grey Pea eatting John Major and the devil may care Tony Blair are still unseen in the technology of DVD (except for John Major with the release of EURO '96, If it's still in print). Currently series 8 as well as the other indevisual DVDs are slowly becoming unavalable and likely out of print, a box set of series 1-7 is avalable on Network DVD's site, Amazon, and stores in the UK. I didn't even mention that USA fans still haven't even heard or rarely seen anything of this show and probably don't even know this wonderful show exists. In fact the ONLY thing that anyone could remember is the Genesis Land of Confusion Music Video of 1986. Even though it's avalable on DVD and iTunes download, all sound effects are dubbed over.  What I don't understand is that this show was HUGE back in their hayday. They did tons of commercials, TV spots, Central bumpers and blooper reels for wrap party tapes, and about 5 or more documentries. Shows like 2DTV and Headcases which were based on Spitting Image and where made due to the fact that the budget would be too expensive for latex puppets again as well as Roger Law and Peter Fluck not being involved. Great Shows but the original orgin, Spitting Image still needs to see the light of day. Every day fans are uploading or watching Spitting Image footage on youtube as well as some probably getting the footage illegally one way or another. It proves to show that fans are hungry and demand the show to be supplied to their DVD collection instead of on a shelf somewhere collecting dust. Spitting Image was a media that was meant to be seen, even though the episodes today due to it not being able to be revived is outdated, it's still a part of history the same way a collector would collect old issues of Mad Magazine and Cracked. It's a great piece of art and we want it in our collections. And that's how Spitting Image's Legacy Will Continue. Or in the words of Thatcher It'll Continue "On and On and On"!

Letter to
ITV Global Distrubution
Dear copyright holders of Spitting Image,

Spitting Image from 1984-1996, had viewers of 15 Million. Today thanks to the technology of the internet, fans young and old are redicovering this wonderful show and buying all the network DVDs and even some of the out of print VHS Specials. Network DVD has stopped it's DVD releases as well as sketches being cut out due to unknown contract reasons of something that was made decades ago. Not to mention NO Special Features while Spitting Image has made tons of commercials, TV spots and documentries as well as alternative TV Shows from the Mary Whitehouse Experience to Crapstown Villias. The following list is a list of names who demand Spitting Image to be released and re-released complete uncut and uncensored and all special features included, we are all willing to buy everything that ever exist in Spitting Image footage. Hopefully with this proof of hungry fans, you will release our request for a tv show that we are very passionate about. Thank You.