Give us Sanditon series 2

Give us Sanditon series 2

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Started by Isabel King

The finale of Sanditon (series 1) was unfair, unjust, and unsatisfying. It doesn't end like a true Austen adaptation – it feels like it's ended halfway through the series.

Renew it for series 2, which the writing and production team obviously desires given the cliffhanger ending to series 1.

We have a series of requests:

  1. Give Charlotte and Sidney their happily ever after(s).
  2. Give us more Esther and Babington happy moments following their marriage.
  3. Edward's character arch resolved and removed in a believable way.
  4. James Stringer (Young Stringer) deserves a happy ending and a good life, with someone who loves him.
  5. Miss Lambe deserves a happy and fully developed story arch in which she is central, rather than serving to develop another character's story.
  6. Eliza is removed from Sidney's life, or otherwise has her story arch resolved in a believable way (i.e. she marries a titled man, for the peerage).

Given the massively high rating achieved on IMDb and Google, and demonstrated through viewing figures, it makes economic and marketing sense to continue the show. Into a second series. Just to be clear.

Furthermore, as ITV is a major, influential channel on British television it is their duty to listen to the voices of the many. We demand Sanditon series 2, and as the viewers we deserve a say in the spending of funds generated through our loyalty. We demand they spend these funds on Sanditon series 2.

Please sign this petition to demonstrate your loyalty to Sanditon!

88,304 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!