Bring Back The Jeremy Kyle Show

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The Jeremy Kyle Show has been broadcast on the ITV network since 4 July 2005. The most popular programme in ITV's daytime schedule, it was broadcast each weekday at 09:25 and regularly reached an audience of 1 million viewers. There has been 3,320 shows until it was axed permanently by ITV on the 10th May 2019 due to a guest (Steve Dymond) taking there own life a week after appearing on the show an failing the lie detector test. It's not the shows fault that he failed his lie detector test an decided to take his own life it's down to mental health an the fact he rejected the support from the after care team. This is the first time someone has taken there own life in 3,320 shows. 2 guests took there own life after appearing on Love Island which has broadcast less then half of the shows that The Jeremy Kyle Show has had yet nothing has been brought up about that. P!ease show your support for this petition and let's bring Jezza back on air.