5g Uncertified - Hazard and Harm

5g Uncertified - Hazard and Harm

2 April 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Katie Smith

Here it goes - The Truth about the ‘ Super fast connection’. 

Doing a lot of research and finding out that 43different Doctors from across the Globe have tried to prohibit the roll out the new 5g connection due to the radiation levels and the risks it’s bringing to so many innocent people across the globe. 


5g waves are known to Attack cells in the human body causing cancers, head and neck Tumours, respiratory problems and the worst part can kill small children. 

The Government and UK councils have agreed to put these masts up Knowing the massive health risk’s to humans, small children and also the habitat around then. 

We’ve been told the Positives..

Its time now to look past the fog of the media and see that we have had our Human rights taken away from us! With out our consent to this we are having ours and our loved ones lives put at risk.. unknowingly 

I as some one who is currently having treatment on my cervix and have had rapid growth in precancerous cells since the first mast landed in my area, I will ensure I do everything I can In my power to ensure this is stopped immediately until safe to do so. 

This is against mine and the other 67,798,540 who live in the U.K’s Human right..

What ever happened to ‘Looking after your own’ , ‘Unite as one’, 

...your silently killing us all and this is unacceptable.. 

Not to mention the fact you risking your own loved ones lives by allowing this be rolled out! 

Money isn’t everything and it certainly can’t replace a loved one..

Absolutely disgusting what money can do to people... Absolutely let the whole of the Uk down and the future generation’s that are born in to this place being instantly at danger of not developing properly then living a life of being fried alive...

How so very sad. What has this world come too.. 




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Signatures: 45Next Goal: 50
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