Lets get GGUSD more eco-friendly, and lets get more vacation

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GGUSD for the last few years has been sending us in from summer vacation eariler then we had have previous years. This is one of two issues that came to mind and drove me to make this petition, because there is the environment we have to consider too. There are a good number of things we can do. These solutions are as listed.

1. Plant more trees around the school

2. Use more eco-friendly copy paper

3. Recycle more paper and plastic

4. Receive fruits and vegtables locally

5. Maybe have some sort of school wide program that rewards students for recycling and or for picking up trash.

These might seem like little additions but you have to keep in mind that there are over 70 GGUSD schools. I can guarantee that if just half of the schools recieve the aforementioned eco changes I listed. Then we can make a difference.