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Its about Justice for the Victims.

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Nov/12/2011 my daughter Sapphira Kay Brown Jones were senseless murdered in front of her children, our government policies need to be checked also, Mr. Jones Stated that would kill my daughter. The District Attorney office stated there was nothing could be done until Mr.Jones lay his hands on her. He now sits in a jail cell still awaiting a trial date. Eating,pretending to be a preacher teaching, following my daughter's murder I have relived her tragedy through other simular senseless murders of women, children, and in some instants men too, I am tired of criminals committing vicious senseless crimes and getting a slap on the hand and pat on the back. I am tired of being told about they have rights too. My daughter Sapphira and all the others who lost their lives in senseless violent acts had a right to live their lives till GOD say its time. These evil violent criminals took that away from them and the family that love them. We are tired of three strikes and you are out.

Please! lets get Justice for Sapphira and the other VIctims of  these  vicious senseless violent crimes. Lets put these criminals behind bars for the rest of their natural lives. Death is to easy for these criminals The Victims that were murdered  and their Families have suffered at the hands of these criminals, now it is time for  Justice for the Victims and their Families. Life in Prison Without Parole is Justice. Nothing less will do !. The children who wittness their mother's is  also  a victims as much as their mother. No Adult or child should hace to suffer such senseless vicious crime at the hands of another humanbeing! I'm seeking Justice for Sapphira, her children, and all the other Victims who has lost their lives or almost lost their lives in senseless vicious violent crimes. Thank GOD Sapphira's children were spared,  during the following week or weeks of Nov/12/2011 there were some children who was murdered, and once again I thanked GOD, because it could have been my four Grandsons. I can't let this issue go, not until there is real Justice for all the Victims. Once again I am asking for you all to sign the Petition addressed to the Govenor of Texas.Lets get Justice for The Victims. Its about them not I.


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