Petition for Ithaca College Off Campus Housing for Juniors

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My friends and I are going into our junior year at Ithaca College. We are currently living In Circle Apartments due to the unreasonable and ill managed covid-regulations in the dorms. Ithaca College is denying all Juniors the right to live off campus next year which is unfair and inconvenient. After filling out our housing preferences we were denied an on campus apartment due to the high demand. Not only are we already on campus paying room and board, but we also filled the form out right away. The lottery system was not fair in this case, and ultimately led to all of us being denied. Ithaca College required that we either disband our group, or settle for regular dorms with a two day turnover. In all past years Ithaca College has allowed for juniors to live off campus, which was a contributing factor in choosing Ithaca. Several years ago even sophomores were given the option.

Considering on campus housing is not ideal for any age, this is extremely ridiculous for juniors. Ithaca College simply doesn't put their students first. They are more worried about us paying more money than the health of their students. This petition is to make the college allow for incoming juniors to live off campus for the 2021-2022 academic year.