Change Ithaca College's Fall 2020 Start Date

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NOTE: THIS IS NOT A THREAT. The following is a petition for Ithaca College students and their parents who would like to voice their concern over the October 5 start date put forth by college leadership. With schools across the country and in New York announcing semesters beginning in August or early September, IC’s position standing alone with an October start date appears highly questionable. 

In addition, the new academic calendar put forth by college leadership also raises a number of concerns over student health, both physical and mental, as well as Ithaca’s regard for student’s home lives.

In lieu of these unique decisions, we know students have mentioned the idea of a leave of absence, but this survey is strictly to measure the number of students and parents who would prefer our October 5 start date to be altered. In signing this petition, you as an Ithaca College parent or student believe that IC should change the start of the fall semester to either August or the beginning of September.