Demand Ithaca College to Include Topics About Disabilities

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Ithaca College claims it want to uphold the diversity status but never includes topics about disability. The campus instead focuses on discussing different racial and ethnic groups, LGBTQ+, and general cultural injustices. It has been an increasingly noticeable problem that professors and staff absently or poorly execute inclusion of and accommodations for students with disabilities, regardless of the rights given by law and provided by Student Accessibility Services. We should not accept the fact that Ithaca College says it’s an open environment to all its students but still hasn’t created events to address other issues besides racism and homophobia.

A recent article in The Ithacan, calling out IC’s unearned “diverse” title, points out that it’s not only the accessibility for students with disabilities we should stress but also raising awareness of the topic on disabilities. In response to this article, many faculty and staff seemed approachable about brainstorming ideas to create new opportunities that talk about the topic of disability in an inclusive way. However, we need the student body—both students with disabilities and able-bodied allies—to show Ithaca College the support for this improvement of our campus. If we don’t address this problem and misuse of the “diversity” title now, Ithaca College will continue to be unhurried to direct change. The result of this delay will be harmful to students with disabilities for Ithaca College will appear to further enable ableist actions and attitudes.

In the past, there was no program for the LGBTQ+ students at IC until people spoke up, thus creating the LGBT Education, Outreach and Services Program. So we must speak up now, call on students to support and Ithaca College to implement and uphold further action in the upcoming academic year. It would be a disservice to students with disabilities if we stopped talking about this problem with no solution.


We, the undersigned, call on Ithaca College to be required to host at least three events per semester including the topic of disabilities, event in which Ithaca College invites guest speakers who have disabilities or work in this field to inform students and faculty about this topic.

We, the undersigned, call on Ithaca College to oversee the Speech-Language Pathology Department in requiring the change of the course descriptions of their Deaf studies minor courses, Deaf Culture and Perspective on Deafness, so students from outside the speech-language pathology major and Deaf studies minor are able to take the classes without restriction or false pretensions. We demand, then, that every Deaf studies course should have at least one section be offered both in the fall and spring semesters.

We, the undersigned, call on Ithaca College to approve the Deaf studies course, Deaf Culture, as a part of the Ithaca Core Curriculum Diversity Requirement in addition to offer the occupational therapy course, Culture of Disability, at least once every two semesters (once a year) instead of one every four semesters (once every two years).

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