If You Can't Reuse it; Refuse it - Eliminate Plastic Bags at IC

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With over 1 million plastic bags being used every minute, and only 1% of those bags being recycled, nearly 267 different aquatic species are negatively impacted, resulting in the death of over 100,000 marine animals each year. Not only do plastic bags lead to mass pollution, but they also contain toxic chemicals that contaminate our food, water, and soil proving detrimental to human health. 

In light of New York State’s ban of all single-use plastic bags, effective March of 2020, we ask: Why not make the change now? The bookstore is the only store on campus to still use plastic bags. Be a part of the movement and let’s take a stand against unnecessary plastics on our campus. Sign now and help IC move towards a happier, healthier, more sustainable community!