SAVE BHARTHI PARK Coimbatore from turning in to a dump yard by ITC and corporation

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we would like to introduce ourselves  as residents of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu.This petiton is for saving Bharathi park which is a full of grand old trees and a residential area .

It is saddening to see how a green hub of Bharathi park and residential area is being turned in to a dump yard by ITC and corporation.

 The area behind the park where the water tank which supplies water to half the city is located and is also a residential area has been converted in to a dump yard.It is place where number of schools and colleges exist.It is an area where senior citizens and others go for walks.There is also a maternity hospital near by.

 Even though the intentions of segregating waste and recycling are good.The waste collection workers are given some financial benefits for getting waste(they call it non bio degradable waste/dry waste)  which is good and encouraging for them

  • ITC and coimbatore corporation, in the name of wealth of waste program have been collecting waste from other areas and dumping it behind Bharathi park for segregation. Is it appropriate to make a green park in to a waste segregation hub? Huge heaps of waste is dumped for segregation with a miniscule staff for the work. It is really unfair to make a residential area in to a waste segregation hub.
  •   This indiscriminate collection of inflammable material in a residential area makes it dangerous for the residents but also for the trees and vegetation in the park. In the name of fire protection they seem to have a few small extinguishers which will be like pin in haystack..Bharathi park road number 2 is stinking with foul smell.
  • The area has become a parking place for all the corporation waste collection and septic tank cleaning vehicles. These vehicles after coming back in the evening make the area stink .These vehicles are also washed here which makes it more unbearable especially early morning and evenings.
  •  This area has also become a store house of abandoned & scrapped  corporation vehicles, which have been lying there for years without being sold as scrap.During rains water collects in these vehicles and make the area look dirty and highly un hygienic and a good place for mosquitoes to breed and other times reptiles have a good time.
  •  To make the parking of vehicles and waste segregation by ITC easier the area inside has been tarred thus making it impossible for ground water to seep in. Due to this many trees have started drying up and falling. The corporation is happily cutting these away. It is ironic that ITC and Municipal Corporation in the name of protecting nature are polluting a green and a residential area.
  •  Because of the huge compound walls public is not able to see where the stink is coming from and all the heaps of dump inside the park.

 Despite many petitions the activity continues.the corporation officials have said that the parking of the vehicles cannot be stopped and ITC will continue its operations.we would request ITC to stop using the park for its segregation hub and ask corporation to stop parking septic tank cleaning lorries and garbage collection lorries in side the park

This has been continuing for the past many years.please find below the link to an article about the same few years ago.

ITC's segregation yard in park and residential area

Thanking you

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Bharathi park residents

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