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ITC STUDENTS - ASK Dr. Wheeler to Make Changes That Benefit The Students, Not the Administ

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The ITC has a history of offering far fewer classes to online students, making it more difficult to finish the desired degree program in a timely fashion. On the other hand, on-campus students are known to be offered three (or more) times the number of classes of their online counterparts.

A good number of the online professors are not well trained for the online environment or just not technically proficient at all. Also, there have been many complaints to the administration about an online professor, John Paul McGee, which have been ignored by Dr. Handy (the provost) and Dr. Wheeler (the president). This professor was missing from teaching and unavailable to his students for four week straight, he gives tests that are unrealistic and outside reading requirements for that test period, his lectures (when he has them) are inconsistent with the tests, he does not know the subject matter he is teaching, he is not a trained educator, and his attitude towards students is degrading. Despite all of the complaints to Handy and Wheeler, nothing has been done about McGee.

Online students are required to take 10 of their 30 classes on campus in order to graduate. The whole purpose of being an online student, especially students that are out of state, is because you cannot make it to campus. So a degree that is already more than any other masters level degree (90 hours) is even longer because we have to take time off work for the entire summer in order to go on campus to finish our degree in a timely fashion.

The online student population has very little, if any, meaningful representation. The Student Christian League (SCL) is supposed to be the student body organization that represents the student’s concern to the administration. According to the current SCL president, the SCL does not represent the online students, just the on-campus students. This is a disgrace and insult.  How can an organization that is designed for the purpose of representing the student-body intentionally leave out one third of the student body? Even those we have practically no representation on campus, we are still charged fees for services that we do not directly use, such as parking and technology.  We do not park on campus because we are not on-campus students and we do not use the computer lab except for summers, and a good portion of the summer the computer lab is inoperable or inaccessible.

As previously stated a number of students have gone directly to Handy and Wheeler with concerns and have not gotten their emails or phone calls returned. This is unacceptable! The administration seems to think they are too important to talk to the students, yet these same administrators will haze and browbeat the staff at ITC for what they are guilty of doing.


This petition is to request the following changes at ITC:

1.       Offer one online class for every on-campus class offered

2.       Remove the requirements for online students to take 10 classes on campus

3.       Terminate John Paul McGee’s employment, NOW!

4.       Mandate that all online professors are trained annually on the online environment

5.       Ensure the SCL represents the online community as well as the on-campus community of students

6.       Ensure at least two positions on the SCL leadership team are online students

7.       Create an authentic student “open door” policy for all administrators, including the president of ITC

8.       Remove parking and technology fees for online students

9.       Conduct a survey every semester that allows all students the chance to evaluate the administration, student related business offices, campus appearance/facilities, and professors





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