Justice for Medhane Tesfamariam Berhe

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Medhanie Yehdego Mered, AKA ‘the General’, is believed to be the kingpin of a criminal organisation of people smugglers responsible for illegally transporting thousands of people from the Middle East and Africa to Europe.
Two years ago an innocent man, Medhane Tesfamariam Berhe, was arrested by Italian police and is now facing prosecution for the “General’s" crimes in a blatant case of mistaken identity.

After being extradited from Sudan to Italy, the young man faced two prosecutions, first in Sicily and then in Rome, despite two DNA tests confirming the mistake and a series of witnesses and documents and certificates provided by the family of the man and the Eritrean government, which display the unfortunate false step of the Italian judicial authorities.

All reports and evidences suggest that the man arrested is in fact Medhanie Tesfarmariam Berhe, an Eritrean refugee with no connection to Mered’s alleged business, who, for over two years, has been paying for crimes he has not committed.

In the midst of a wave of human rights violation, it is only right that the Italian authorities revise a clear case in which such violation has been perpetrated by the Italian Judicial System itself, failing to take into account all evidence and arresting an innocent man.