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3 December 2019
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IT Support Staff
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sam Huddart

Hello fellow gamers,

A criminal injustice has been placed upon our fair school network. My domain has been blocked for unknown reasons. 

This is a travesty as the domain is critical to my programming within my computing lessons, hosting my projects and plans for my A2 Project. If this domain remains blocked, it could affect my A-Level.

For this very reason I would like to politely ask that the IT SUPPORT STAFF would kindly unblock, as no malicious content has ever been hosted upon this domain.

We need to rise up against this oppressive force and defeat them for commit this sin against us students and gamers.

Lets make this a bruh moment

- Sam Huddart


*Minecraft Steve Dabs while flossing*

(I would like to remind to any angry staff of a particular school that this is a joke, and should not be taken seriously and there is no mention of our fair prison (or as some like to call it a school) and thefore this has no relation to it. Thefore leave me alone, i'm just trying to block out the haters)



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Signatures: 7Next Goal: 10
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