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#It Stops With Asifa

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Ours is an effort to Create ProActive Social Response to Crimes Against Women

“It Stops With Asifa” is a promise that We The People stand together against any rapist. 

Asifa Bano was 8 years old. She was kidnapped, kept alive for days to be raped by multiple men. Then she was killed by strangulation, and her face bashed in to make sure she was dead.

Rape is old news - In the 80s India was roiled by the murder of a sister and brother in a train by Billa and Ranga. India was rocked again by the rape and murder in a moving bus by a group of men. Then more recently an Elected Representative of the ruling party has been charged with rape, plus the murder of the reported victim’s father. 

Rape can never be allowed to become old news because it horribly violates human life, so its always evil, therefore must never be endured. 

A Country can not be great until its Children and Women are safe, always. So this is everyone getting together to say It Stops With Asifa their own way - at School, College, Work, Gym, Home - everywhere

Our petition mission will also be sent to each police station in each subdivision of every Indian district. And aims to be prominently displayed at high traffic junctions if suported by donations from billboard companies and prominent Opinion Makers

This is also reaching to the Indian Government to mandate that Rapists faces be publically displayed- allowing heinous criminals to cover their faces is not conducive to justice.

But above it all this is reaching out to every Indian to Make India Safe For Women