Stop the cancelation of scale bound!

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For years we have waited. After two setbacks in almost little to no news on the game we finally get a message from Microsoft saying that they are cancelling scalebound a highly anticipated third person role-playing action-adventure game developed by Platinum Studios. In the even do so in such poor taste as to say they are choosing to focus on games such as Halo Wars 2 Crackdown 3 in State of Decay 2 blatantly advertising other games and a cancellation of another which is incredibly poor taste in my opinion. It is up to us as The Gaming Community to make our voices heard and to let Microsoft know that they can't just do as they please. This game has only been 4 years development a relatively short time in game developing turns there been other games under the Xbox name that have been given much more time in this title has. Scalebound was announced at a time when Xbox was hurting when they were desperate when PlayStation was crushing them in sales when they were in a poor spot in the eyes of the gaming community so they decided to announce a fresh new John room in the Xbox Community developed by the highly renowned Platinum games four years later whenever they have regained some Goodwill from the people that support their console they decided to discontinue production on what looked like to be an amazing step forward for the Xbox community I for one say I have had it and that we need to put our foot down with Microsoft and let them know they can't just stand out another title that everyone was anticipating please join me and make your voices heard until Microsoft that they could not cancel scalebound this far into production i for one care for the future of Xbox I've been with it since 2002 on the original Xbox One original titles were welcome on the Xbox community but it seems like these days all they want to worry about our first person shooter games and fall back on what they know will make the money instead of taking risks that could potentially make them even more money I want scalebound do you?

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