It's Time to Change Food Truck Laws in New Orleans

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It's Time to Change Food Truck Laws in New Orleans

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New Orleans Food Truck Coalition started this petition to The New Orleans City Council

Cities from Austin to San Francisco have embraced food trucks—residents love them, and they have created hundreds of new jobs. In New Orleans, protectionist restrictions prevent food trucks from participating in free enterprise. A new proposal under consideration by the City Council will implement a pilot program to help reform existing restrictions.

There is no doubt that thriving food truck cultures coexist with vibrant restaurant scenes, and New Orleans is no different. There are over 1,300 restaurants in New Orleans today — an increase of over 50% since Hurricane Katrina — yet business is better than ever. Consumers are attracted by competition and choice.

The time for change has arrived. We need your support. Please sign this petition and share it with your friends and neighbors.

The Details:

1. Increase mobile food vendor permits from 100 to 200. This includes all mobile vendors, not just food trucks. Currently, City Hall has a 2-1/2 page wait list.

2. Increase the time that a vendor may stop from 45 minutes to 4 hours.

3. Allow food trucks into more of the CBD and Warehouse District, with the exception of the area between Canal and Poydras Streets and from the river to Rampart Street.

4. Require food trucks to clean up the area around their truck and provide a trash receptacle. We want to keep our city clean. :-)

5. Reduce the proximity restriction from a restaurant to 50 feet from the front door, while the restaurant is open. Restaurants can waive this restriction.

Now, more than ever, we need a show of support for food trucks. Opponents have already started a petition to kill these reforms.


Please support progress,

New Orleans Food Truck Coalition, Inc.

& NOLA Food Trucks



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This petition had 1,782 supporters