It's time; Make Fremont city aesthetically pleasing !

It's time; Make Fremont city aesthetically pleasing !

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Started by mahesh agrawal

Problem we want to solve: 
City of Fremont has honor of All-America City Award and many other awards.. Fremont residents are indeed proud of that and all of us want city to continue to improve and preserve the good reputation going forward.

However, over the last few years the city has seen some deterioration on the major corridors that connect freeway 880 to 680 - the most traveled not only by the city residents but also by many from the neighboring cities in the Bay Area. Specifically, 880 to 680 via Auto mall Parkway and 880 to Paseo Padre on Mission Blvd. Both of these key corridors are plagued with degraded medians and litter, exhibiting poor city management and extremely poor reflection of the city...that we are not !....
The wide median (divider) on Auto mall Pkwy, mainly between the Fremont Blvd and the Grimmer Blvd has been barren and undeveloped for ages. The proper landscaping of this median has been ignored for years by the City management. Driving along the Auto mall Pkwy, depending upon the time of the year, one can not escape noticing the open area with swamp of water in winter and tall weeds in the summer. It looks like a rundown area which is an eyesore. The whole sight just does not bear well with the silicon valley spirit...the innovation hub of the world. 
The community has discussed this initiative, to develop the Auto mall Pkwy median with our District-5 Council member seeking guidance to understand the process of sourcing the fund including getting the federal and state grants for these improvements. Our council member responded by saying, "he like the initiative and he has discussed it with the City management. The City management is looking at it and he is awaiting their feedback and will let us know when he hear more".  The community has also communicated the initiative with the City management via several email correspondences and at the Fremont city Council meetings. It's been few months and the community is still waiting to hear from the Fremont City management any response or feedback on this initiative. The lack of response gives the perception about our local government of governing without any accountability. 
The purpose of this petition is to seek your support convincing the Fremont City management to act now and identify this initiative, to develop the median on the Auto mall Pkwy as the project and explore the resources to fund it.
The following link and the attached article published in the local newspapers discusses the initiative.
Nicely landscaped and properly maintained medians along these corridors will make the whole area aesthetically more pleasing. Let us make the city of Fremont a beautiful place to live, work and play.

Hope you support this initiative, and if you do so, please show your support by signing this petition.

Louder the community voice, better it is heard so please forward this petition to as many family and fellow community residents as possible and request to do the same.
Appreciate for your support.

236 have signed. Let’s get to 500!