We Need An Economy that Works for Everyone

We Need An Economy that Works for Everyone

March 23, 2022
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Why this petition matters

It's time! It's been time to take action and make a real difference! Sign the Petition today! 

Black workers, no matter if we are domestic workers, restaurant workers, health care providers, lawyers, or construction workers, we face a shared problem: significantly more instances of workplace discrimination, higher unemployment rates, lower wages, unsafe and unhealthy work conditions, benefits gaps, and much fewer savings to fall back on. 

This can no longer be our reality! We need your help to demand a Black Worker Bill of Rights. Black workers, regardless of gender, education, experience, or job type deserve an economy that works for us. An Economy that Works for Everyone! Because when you lift up Black workers, you lift up all workers.

The Black Worker Bill of Rights is a demand to end anti-Black racism and discrimination in the workplace. It is a demand to end to low wages that do not allow us to take care of ourselves and our families. It is a demand for transformative policies and practices that build worker power along with control over policy decisions that impact our lives.  

Black workers work hard and deserve equity in the workplace. Our families depend on it. Support the Black Worker Bill of Rights! Join us in standing up for the rights and labor of more than 20 million Black workers across the country. You can join us by adding your voice to this important movement! Sign the petition - the time for action is now!

We have to do this together! Together, we can make a real difference and lift up all workers in the process.


1. The Right to Organize
2. The Right to Resources and Information that Address Barriers to Employment
3. The Right to Assert and Have Your Rights Enforced
4. The Right to Equitable Wages, Equal Pay, and Compensation that is Owed
5. The Right to Career Advancement Opportunities
6. The Right to Workplaces Free from Discrimination, Harassment, and Other Harm
7. The Right to Health, Healing, and Rest
8. The Right to Privacy and Freedom from Surveillance, Monitoring, Automated Management, and Control
9. The Right to Dignity in Seeking, Securing, Maintaining, and Retiring from Employment
10. The Right to Participate in Democracy

1. El Derecho a Organizarse
2. El Derecho a los Recursos y a la Información que Abordan Barreras u Obstáculos al Empleo
3. El Derecho a Hacer Valer y Hacer Cumplir tus Derechos
4. El Derecho a Salarios Equitativos, Salario Igualitario y Compensación Debida
5. El Derecho a Oportunidades de Desarrollo Profesional
6. El Derecho a Lugares de Trabajo Libres de Discriminación, Acoso y Otros Daños
7. El Derecho a la Salud, la Curación y el Descanso
8. El Derecho a la Privacidad y la Libertad de Vigilancia, Monitoreo, Administración Automatizada y Control
9. El Derecho a la Dignidad en la Búsqueda, Obtención y Mantenimiento de Empleo
10. El Derecho a Participar en la Democracia

Check out the full policy platform HERE!

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Signatures: 4,031Next Goal: 5,000
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