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The Young Lions competition opens up a lot of career opportunities. But in order to have the chance of representing their countries in the Palais, young creatives need to go through a local brief based competition and prove they are the best. Seems fair, right? Well… Not in Brazil.

In our country, the selection has been happening through a flawed, outdated process for more than 20 years. A process that doesn’t give the opportunity for small agencies creatives to show their true potential. A process that isn't by no means inclusive or diversified. Our official delegation is chosen through nonanonymous portfolio analysis. The jury is composed by former Young Lions that are predominantly white males. Gossip and predictable outcomes surround the whole process. This year, the creative Brazilian delegation is again composed only by men. Mostly white. Despite all protests and alternatives suggested by creatives, agencies, and activists, the Young Lions Brazil Program organization insists that the lack of women and diversity in the Brazilian delegation is just a reflection of our industry and there is nothing they can do.

We do not accept this excuse and firmly believe that the Cannes Lions is today the only institution capable of demanding a fairer and attractive selection process, truly challenging so we can make Young Lions in Brazil relevant again.


How long will the future take to arrive?
If it depends on us, not much.

Our objective is for the Young Lions Brazil to adopt the same selection process
as many other countries in the creative competition, starting next year.

1) One brief to rule them all

  • Creative brief for each category to be cracked in 24h or 48h.
  • The brief can be made in partnership with clients, agencies and former Young Lions, so it will be more challenging and competitive.

2) Add different points of view

  • A diverse and inclusive jury made not only of former Young Lions.
  • We want to know what black people, women, and LGBT+ have to say about our work.

 3) Mentorship programs

  • Mentorship programs for all the underrepresented groups in partnership with agencies and sponsors.
  • Former Young Lions can also offer free consultancy. They may not have gone through the same selection process but participated in a similar competition in Cannes.

4) Affordable and Anonymous

  • Let's make the competition affordable with free registrations or registrations funded by the agencies. Plus, all participants should be identified by number, so the idea can speak for itself.


Idea is the boss

Everyone can help change our industry. We want to do this by valuing the best ideas. And we believe that our proposals are a fairer way to them. Because we are starting to open doors so that talents from all classes, genres, colors, and agencies can have a better chance to shine. And we bet they will.


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