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It's TIME for the Legislature to ACT pass HOA/Condo Reform Now.

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"1.6 million condos in Florida — 38 percent of them in Miami-Dade and Broward"- Its time for our elected officials to protect those constituents that voted them into office. 

I did not see Law Firms nor Management Companies at the VOTING BOOTHS. I saw people like you and me that cast our VOTE for those that TODAY are in Tallahassee. We demand that our legislators do a sweeping reform of HOA/CONDO LAW with an emphasis on protection for owners.

Corrupt Management companies, Property Managers, Board Members and the attorneys that protect them know the law and knowingly break it. The key and success to their fraud is that there are NO REAL CONSEQUENCES for breaking the law. They get away with breaking the law and violating owner's rights with a warning letter.Pardon my french a warning letter that they use as papel toilet. 

The system is rigged against condo owners! Our local Economic Crime units tell us we have to report the irregularities to DBPR, DBPR says they do not have the power to enforce the law, no one helps us, it's a dead end! If an owner takes their case to court as I have done you spend thousands of dollars for something that is not your fault.

Condo owners are frustrated, angry, sick, and tired of being the punching bag for corrupt Board members, management companies, and attorneys. These individuals make thousands some even millions of dollars by dipping into our pockets and then use that same money to intimidate with the help of Management Companies and Attorneys. The TYRANNY, intimidation, and harassment we live in within our communities is unacceptable.

Boards are allowed to pass special assessments arbitrarily and get loans on behalf of condo owners with little to no oversight. When the money is mismanaged or goes missing as it has happened in countless occasions it places an undue economic burden on our families. We need to put food in our tables not finance the GREED of the corrupt.

The Condo and HOA epidemic is on the news every other day read hundreds of articles gathered by Cyber Citizens for Justice...10 Homeowners' Association Horror Stories That Will Make You Wince - 

Condo and HOA owners are united and will fight the special interests in Tallahassee that for the past 12 YEARS have blocked HOA/Condo reform that protects owners... This corruption and assault on our quality of life will STOP!!! We are not the piggy bank of these crooks they are taking money away from our families to enrich themselves.

The negative publicity on Condos and HOA's has devalued our properties, rising association dues are a direct correlation to the rising rent prices, and driving the cost of living.

Our legislators must reform the law NOW, give enforcement authority to DBPR to remove board members immediately, and our local Economic Crime units must investigate associations and management companies.

Property owners need protection and we need it NOW!


Maryin Vargas

Condo activist


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