Help Make Insulin Affordable For Over 7 Million Hard Working Americans, Like My Son.

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When Diabetics try to ration their Insulin to get it to last until thier next paycheck, not only does that cause long-term health problems from not getting the right dose but some are dying because they don't make It to that next payday, like Alec Smith.

There Is no excuse!  We don't ask for It to be free but ask simply for a fair price. Insulin is a lifesaving medication so there is no room to ration. The outrageous cost of Insulin has lead to many being forced to make that life and death decision on a daily basis and that's our children, our mothers and our fathers that we lose to greed. 

As a mom, I'm not too proud to beg for help for my family or your family because I can't just stand by for that next person to die needlessly...  and there absolutely will be a next time If we can't get the three pharmaceutical companies of Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk and Sanofi To lower thier Insulin to a reasonable price. 

Being silent hasn't worked against them, It's time to speak out for all of our families. Working together will always the best way to be heard and make a change.

Sign this and every petition you see to get Insulin affordable, thank you.