It's Time For a Gender-balanced Cabinet in NZ

It's Time For a Gender-balanced Cabinet in NZ

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It's time for New Zealand’s first-ever Cabinet fuelled with the talent, perspective, and passion of an equal number of women and men. Just 30 percent of New Zealand’s Cabinet is currently made up of women. Women have never been equally represented in our most senior level of government. 

Women do not want to be tokenised or treated as a special interests group; we want an equal say in shaping society and our own lives. At the upcoming election, New Zealand needs to implement a gender-balanced Cabinet.

Many governments around the world have taken this proactive step towards a more representative democracy by introducing a gender-balanced cabinet, and it has resulted in: 

  • positive legislative impact for the whole population
  • greater commitment, funding, and action on issues like ending gender-based violence and the creation of better family and childcare policies
  • increased spending on public health 
  • greater levels of confidence in government (research shows that both men and women consider political institutions more legitimate and democratic where there are more women ministers)
  • more girls and young women engaging in politics because they have more visible role-models

Half our population is women, so why isn’t half our leadership? With evidence mounting on the benefits of women leaders and the positive outcomes of gender-balanced cabinets, it is time that NZ takes this important step towards equality. 

Please join the growing call for a gender-balanced Cabinet at the upcoming election. Sign the petition today. And share it with everyone you know. 



Ms. Jacinda Ardern, Leader of the Labour Party

Ms. Judith Collins, Leader of the National Party

Mr. Winston Peters, Leader of New Zealand First

Ms. Marama Davidson, Leader of the Green Party

Mr. James Shaw, Leader of the Green Party

Mr David Seymour, Leader of the ACT Party 

Please commit to supporting the implementation of a gender-balanced Cabinet in the September 2020 election. 


Some people may initially be unsure of whether a gender quota to achieve equal representation is the right thing. If you're thinking something along the lines of "I just think regardless of someone’s gender we should stick with selecting the best person for the job" then I urge you to read my response to this here.




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0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!