Save Girl Child from criminals

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It is for a girl whose name is Saloni Yadav from Indore who is missing from last 4 days who went to school for getting her transfer certificate and didn't came back. It is for the girl who is daughter of our maid who is poor and people are not ready to hear her urges. From the day this girl got missed her mother went to police station and was denied by Police to lodge complaint against this but, afterwards few of us requested them and made them at least register our complain somehow.  Why there is like that people don't hear poor people? Is it right to take action only when 24 hours have passed? I do understand and value our system but, we need to bring a change. Anything could happen in 24 hours and who will be responsible for that? Please raise your voice in favour of poor people let me make a slight change here I don't consider them as poor I am just using this word because they have been treated badly due to this and no one is there to hear their problems. After 3 days we get to hear from her mother that Police is not taking any action can you please help us out. Can you bring her back? Is it the thing we should have expected after 3 days of investigation? Are they the same people who told us to wait for 24 hours just to get it confirm that she is missing. If any of you can please help me in bringing her back please help us. I want her mother's smile back. I have seen her smiling everytime it's hard to see her not well and crying all the time. Please help us in getting her back. I will be really thankful to those who can help me out with this and bring her back.

Name of a girl: Saloni Yadav

Father's Name: Dilip Yadav

Mother's Name: Lalita Yadav

City: Indore (M.P.)