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"It’s my ticket, I own it.” Tell Texas Lawmakers to Guarantee Sports and Music Fans’ Ownership Rights

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It’s time to make the ticket industry more fan-friendly. Ask key legislators to ban “ticket restrictions” and put the brakes on Ticketmaster’s monopoly control of the ticket industry.

Whether you frequently snag last-minute Spurs tickets or love going to Houston’s Toyota Center to see your favorite artist, one thing is certain: Texas fans are frustrated by the ticketing industry that never seems to work in our favor and that has become increasingly expensive. Now we have an opportunity to do something about it.

Texas lawmakers are considering legislation that will prohibit some of the anti-consumer monopolistic practices used by Ticketmaster and its partners. Here’s how:

Preserves Fan Ownership – The legendary Ticketmaster monopoly is growing faster than ever, thanks to new “restricted tickets” that make sure you don’t even own the tickets you have purchased. Under Ticketmaster’s new restricted rules in place in other states, you often cannot even give your ticket away or resell it, or sometimes they permit you to transfer your ticket but only if you pay Ticketmaster an extra fee for the “privilege.” This proposed Texas legislation bans the use of unfair restricted ticketing and ensures that you own the tickets that you buy.

For too long, the ticket industry has worked against the very people it is supposed to serve: the fans. Legislation to preserve a fair and safe ticket industry in Texas has been introduced, but Ticketmaster and industry insiders oppose this legislation.

Sign this petition to tell your state representative to stand with fans, not with the ticket industry.

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