The Final Fight For FREEDOM.

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The word FREEDOM is thrown around today like a rug doll across the board as a political catch phrase with very little meaning to most world leaders who abuse its use, that NEEDS TO CHANGE. In the UNITED STATES alone the word is carried with pride as a national identity symbolized by the bald eagle our national mascot but the TRUTH IS most people are NOT FREE and live in slavery, spiritual, mental, financial and physical slavery especially African. IT IS TIME FOR THAT TO CHANGE but in order for that to happen those who want to be FREE must demand it by signing this declaration of liberation.

You as a spiritual being demand to live free of any form of oppression, subjugation, bondage, deceit, forced labor, forced WORSHIP and anything that limits and restricts your existence outside of our  true spiritual reality and the confines of peaceful and respectful co-existence.  

  •  According to Heavenly/Universal Laws.
  • According to your divine birthright.
  • According to the needs required to exist.
  • According to the laws of nature.
  • According to The Truth.


The Reason.

The Truth is if you are broke, sick, unhappy, living in fear or in prison/jail YOU ARE NOT FREE. The concept of false FREEDOM being spread all over the world is causing a lot of needless pain and suffering an example is the Black Lives Matter movement a product of systematic slavery, oppression and subjugation. IT IS TIME for that to change. There is a great need for FREEDOM, so the whole world can move into a space FREE OF SLAVERY AND PEOPLE ARE SPIRITUALLY, MENTALLY, FINANCIALLY AND PHYSICALLY FREE  in accordance with Heavenly Laws and the WILL OF THE CREATOR HIMSELF. Due to the amount of work (Spiritual and Mental) that has been done to enslave humanity there is a lot of serious work needed for whatever was done to be undone, but before that work can begin The People must sign this petition giving permission for this work to be undone for them on their behalf.

The Petition.

If you value your Life and want to be FREE sign this petition to declare your desire for freedom in writing so the work to set you FREE can begin. By signing this petition you are declaring under Heavenly Laws that;

  • You want to be FREE from all forms of slavery.
  • You choose PEACE over FEAR.
  • You choose The Truth over Lies.
  • You choose Light over Darkness.

The reason why we are requiring this declaration signed is because we at Bright Star Global respect free will and are limited in what we can do for you without your full consent.

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