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In light of the challenging times we live, it is important to use our democratic means to reach the ends we all desire.

A national and regional election system where we choose one person to represent a large number of people who votes on behalf of all of them, is not working. Fundamental and systemic change is necessary to improve our democratic system, quality of life, and justice and equality for those who are marginalized. In these times where access to employment, health care, and education are becoming increasingly important we need to be more involved with the issues at hand.

If we stand up together and demonstrate our desire to become involved in the processes that shape our countries health, education, defence, and economic policies we will start to see the changes we hope for.


Thank you!



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U.S. House of Representatives
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California State House
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California State Senate
President of the United States
California Governor
The time has come to support your constituents, much as we have supported you in the past. Our desire to become involved with the issues that affect our lives and the lives of our children has reached an unprecedented level.

It is time for a direct democratic process to evolve for change to happen at the level and pace which is necessary.

We are, though this petition, communicating our desire to have national and regional issues be put to vote as they arise.

Voting once every year, two years, or four years for some people, keeps us detached and out of touch with our democratic process. Our participation is too often watching TV news, blogging, or discussions around a meal. Although these behaviors are important parts of civic engagement they have no direct effect on our democratic process and the legislation which governs our lives

Our voices will be heard more often and in a more tangible way.

YOU, elected officials will always be part of our process. You help us understand how to accomplish goals, and write the legislation on which we vote. Furthermore, elected officials represent collective interests as their congressional sessions try to discover the best ways to address the issues which challenge our nation.

This letter is urging each of you and your colleagues to understand our need to create a more direct democratic process and hereby changing the outdated system we currently abide to. If this petition feels like a personal attack, we urge you to respond to the issues raised and not the emotional and ego based feelings which may naturally arise.

Our votes can make change, and we will put them to use in a more frequent and tangible way. We are asking for your cooperation in creating a system where more national and regional voting opportunities on health care, education, economic, and defense issues become available as needed.

This petition is to ask for your cooperation in changing our legislative structure, to put to the will of the people (who are and will always be, the government), back into control of our lives. With a respect for your work, and understanding of the challenges that lie ahead, thank you!

A citizen working towards direct democracy in the United States,

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